Motivated to succeed

Success is within your reach

Success is within your reach

You may not be surprised to learn that most high achievers are defined by a strong desire to achieve. You can see it in the way they talk, and their enthusiasm, openness to opportunities, and willingness to take action and learn from their experiences.  Less accomplished people are more motivated to avoid failure. Here lies a major variable of success which many people miss, and which may require some honest self-appraisal to see where your true motivation lies.

Successful people love to accomplish something significant and gain great satisfaction from the process, particularly if it’s challenging. They’re willing to invest time and effort in achieving their goals.

For them the process is as rewarding as the outcome; each step is a personal test that is regularly renewed and made progressively more challenging until the final result is achieved.

Failure-avoiding people are more focused on protecting themselves from the sense of worthlessness or loss that can accompany failing at an important task. They are less likely to try, or if they do, they’ll give up quickly if things don’t go their way.

They may procrastinate, give less than their best effort or engage in self-sabotaging behaviour that provides a ready-made excuse in the event of failure. You’ll know these types: failure is always someone else’s fault, the time isn’t right, the market is flat or they were stressed. It’s never their fault and they’ll always have that ‘get out of jail free’ card to play, even if only to themselves.

Successful people take risks, head into uncharted waters, and by doing so they risk failure and the corresponding hit to the ego or self-confidence. True success is defined in these moments: when you accept failure, take responsibility and have another go. Are you prepared to have a go or are you more comfortable finding excuses for giving up?


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2 Responses to “Motivated to succeed”

  1. motivational videos Says:

    really motivational article! i agreed with the line “for getting successful take risks, head into uncharted waters, and by doing so they risk failure and the corresponding hit to the ego or self-confidence.”

  2. adamnrave Says:

    Nice post, WLBB. I lost my posting mojo for awhile due to conflicting accounts (work, private, duplicate). Which, it must be said, WordPress makes worse by not allowing one to delete a redundant account. Anyway, that’s my story. Your story is good. I’m all too aware of the procrastination method of avoiding success. But (more procrastination?) I’m not sure how to break the cycle. I certainly have the desire, but definitely need to take more risks, and fail more. Anyway, I’m back online and watching your posts with interest. Keep them coming.

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