Afraid of change … sometimes we don’t have a choice

The price of change

The price of change

The last two posts discussed New Year’s resolutions and, for the new year, what success looks like and how we can be afraid of taking the steps to achieve it. To get from where we are to where we want to be involves one important element; change.

We often talk about change. It’s not easy to change. Sometimes change can be forced, going on a diet or exercising are good examples, but it’s easy to go back to our old ways.

What do we want from change?

Usually a measured, positive change, factored at our own pace and to meet a specific goal; change we want to happen. Unfortunately not all change is positive and some change can put us in a serious crisis not of our own making.

Crises challenge our beliefs: bad things don’t happen to good people, life makes sense, we have control over what happens to us, life is fair. Sometimes life just doesn’t work out how we think it should.

In some circumstances a crisis, such as losing a job, can be the catalyst for change that we look back on and consider a blessing in disguise. Other crises, such as the loss of a loved one, can open our eyes to what’s really important and allow us to make appropriate changes to the way we live.

It’s not always easy to accept the consequences of a negative experience, especially when that experience was beyond our control. This means admitting that we can’t control all aspects of our life despite our best attempts. That realisation can leave us feeling powerless.

Unexpected change can shake our sense of identity. Any time we’re in that free-fall situation, where we’re uncertain about what we’re going to do next, there’s a great fantastic wonderful rare unique bold masterful wondrous exciting challenging: in other words, anything but ‘really good’ opportunity for personal growth and something different. We can be thrown out of our comfort zone and face choices that we wouldn’t have previously.

There can be enormous freedom when you find yourself outside of what you always expected to happen. Life may not have turned out exactly as planned but many times it can be better; if you’re open to the journey into the unknown.


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One Response to “Afraid of change … sometimes we don’t have a choice”

  1. adamnrave Says:

    Nicely said, as always WLBB. Keep them coming!

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