Terminal velocity to nowhere

Terminal velocity to where?

Terminal velocity to where?

We’ve all received countless messages throughout our lives telling us that our goal is to be somebody. That’s the great dream, to make it big and be recognised for it. We get it from the media, our families and our friends. We admire those who’ve achieved it.

So we align ourselves with a direction that has a defined outcome. One that provides assurance that we’ll be somebody, get somewhere and, hopefully, be afforded immunity from failure, unhappiness and vulnerability in the process.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having goals, these are good things. It’s when we try to use these aspirations in spite of ourselves that it gets tricky. It doesn’t matter how far we run, or how hard we try, we’re still there. We can’t escape ourselves. We want to be somebody, at some undefined future success point, but we already are somebody, now.

We spend so much time trying to change, to be better, to improve and live an ideal and inspired life, but after all of that we’re still us.

No matter what we do, the promises we make, the diets started, the study undertaken, the career development and the desire to be a better husband and father, we discover that we’re the same person.

We believe that if we’re successful, attractive, enlightened, funny, thin, smart, richer, less anxious, less fearful, then we’d be happy: forever. We can easily become susceptible to this line of thinking. We want to find the thing that will fix everything. Even when things appear to be going well our psyche doesn’t surrender that easily and continues to believe that the next big thing will bring happiness and contentment.

It would be great to have an enlightened guru who, with a few well-chosen words, could render us free from the entanglements that life brings. However this assumes that we need to change, that we aren’t good enough, that we aren’t free. Not now, and probably not tomorrow either.

This thinking assumes we can’t manage whatever is happening in our lives. And I don’t want to buy into that when what we should be aiming for is to be the best version of ourselves.

We may not have the ability to transcend the human condition, but maybe that’s the real success: learning how to live within the uncertainty, within the chaos, within the ever-unfolding version of ourselves that remains uniquely us. With acceptance comes the ideal platform for growth, growth that is in alignment with our core. Growth that accepts who we are right now, and that recognises that we already are somebody.


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2 Responses to “Terminal velocity to nowhere”

  1. adamnrave Says:

    You make some good points as always, WLBB. But it’s hard for me to concentrate with that piece of Violet Crumble hurtling toward Earth. Does NASA know about this? Parting was never such sweet sorrow …

  2. WorkLifeBankBalance Says:

    Thanks Adam, fortunately it missed us and flew on by the milkychocolate way …

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