A balancing act

Finding your balance

Finding your balance

My last post discussed the imbalance I’ve experienced in life. I now have a new approach to life and work and a better job that provides more choices and less stress.

I have no problem with those people who dedicate their lives to their career to being the best business person possible. Or people who consciously minimise personal, family and community responsibilities to focus on their work. In society these people tend to be the minority.

What happens is many operate like this, while expecting to have a healthy balanced life with family, friends and a grounded sense of self and community. They want it both ways.

This is delusional, how can they expect to excel at areas of life that receive no effort or focus? They certainly know that this wouldn’t work at the office so why would it at home? They choose to get married, have a family and friends but largely ignore these parts of their lives.

When the inevitable crash comes in their personal lives they act surprised. It’s as if circumstances have overtaken them and they’re victims of unfortunate circumstances beyond their control. This is a trade-off they made, a course they chose, it just didn’t seem like it at the time.

Your work colleagues won’t be there when you’re old and sick, but we hope our spouse will be. Your job doesn’t make Christmas special, your kids do. When you’re feeling depressed and need someone to talk to you turn to your friends.

When we retire and no longer ‘anybody’ in our former industry we’re a ‘somebody’ for our family and a superhero for our grandchildren if we’re lucky enough to have any. We’re quickly forgotten when we leave work, let it not be the same when we leave life. On our death beds we remember our family not our business success.

The point is that you can have it all in life. You can have a fulfilling, interesting and successful professional life. You can have a loving family that you’re an active and supporting part. You can maintain and develop your friendships and enjoy your hobbies and interests.

That’s balance. But you have to be aware of what you want, what you will set as your priorities and make the choices that will lead you there.


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