Breaking free of average

Breaking free of the pack

Breaking free of the pack

I speak to many people about success and its meaning to them. Many feel they just can’t break free to create momentum for real progress. Breaking free of average; when those around us prefer not to challenge the status quo and actively dissuade us from trying.

How do we set our sights higher and repel negativity?

It’s not an easy question and the answers are elusive. That’s what this post is about; being aware of the problem is the first step.

Life’s like a bell curve where the majority of people are happy to fit right on the top of that curve; right there with everyone else in the average zone. For many this is the safe zone, with the majority, hiding in the pack.

There’s always been safety in numbers but in terms of happiness and success what does that middle ground mean? Exactly where is being average taking you?

Well, did you know that depression rates are ten times higher than they were in 1960, the average age of the onset of depression is half what it was 50 years ago, we have teenagers taking antidepressants and job satisfaction is less than 50% with longer hours and less security.

Perhaps you’ve also heard the following:

‘Don’t try too hard because if you become successful you’ll lose your friends … Tall poppy; poke your head up and have it cut off … If you have money you must have taken advantage of others to get it …It’s is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven …The meek shall inherit the earth’.

Society likes average because it’s easy to manage. It provides an excuse for mediocrity. Rather than achieve on our terms we’re told that it’s perfectly acceptable to be average. We have a readymade excuse for not trying.

In other words, does this sound familiar?

‘If everyone else is overweight then it’s okay for me too, I’m not as fat as those people. No one in our office works too hard so it’s okay for me to coast along too. But everyone speeds along here,Officer! Very few adults ever read a book so I really don’t have to either. Everyone is watching the latest reality show so I will too. I want to fit in; I want to be part of the in-crowd…’

Are you prepared to be an outlier or will you allow society to statistically smooth your journey? What happens when average is a failing grade in life? Do you want something better? What are you prepared to do for it? Will you accept society’s excuses and justification for laziness or will you be better than that?

It’s your life and your choice. Will you allow the majority to rule or are you prepared to step outside the average and live your best life?


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