The strawberries and cream of life

Working for the strawberries and cream of life

Working for the strawberries and cream of life

Have you wondered how top athletes became successful? Is it some form of genetic advantage? Do they just turn up? Are they naturally brilliant?

In the majority of cases the answer is no. They may have a predisposition towards the sport and may have physical characteristics that help, but in this competitive world that’s not enough.

The best way to create spectacular results in any area of your life is determination, commitment and practice. We marvel at sporting successes but we only see the game; we don’t see the daily hours of hard slog training and practice.

A tennis professional may win millions at a single tournament but are they being paid for only that match? No. It’s the years of training, practice, coaching and mental preparation required to get to that level. Top athletes know that practice is how you achieve success.

Similarly, in the business world you don’t just turn up and wander into the CEO’s office and assume the position. Personal and professional success takes work. It’s not reasonable to expect you can achieve all of your goals without having to make some sacrifices along the way and pay the price in terms of dedication and persistence.

Those that are the most vocal on how others ‘had an easy ride’ or ‘had an unfair advantage’ are usually the ones that prefer to take the easy path every time. It’s difficult for them when elite performers make it look easy.

There would be very few successful people who’ve made it without setbacks along the way. The difference is that their dedication and momentum helps them ride over the bumps rather than being derailed. If you want the ‘strawberries and cream’ of life you must be prepared to work for it.

Success doesn’t just show up; you need to create it. Work out what you need to do to move forwards and do it consistently. Set milestones so you have success along the way and keep your eye on the prize.


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