Happy days … always

Sincerely happy, really!

Sincerely happy, really!

I’ve received several text messages today with the familiar, yellow smiley face. Current phones have them right there on the menu page so happiness is just a simple click away.

It’s a common addition to communication but what does it really mean? Does the sender wish me to have a happy day, are they expressing their happiness in talking to me, or is it an empty platitude in a wasteland of social compliance?

When you leave a shop the assistant will often say ‘Have a nice day’, often without even looking up. How many times do we ask ‘How are you?’ when we don’t really listen to the answer, let alone care. How could we care when the answer is often ‘Not too bad thanks’, regardless of what’s actually happening in their life at that moment? What does that mean?

How should I respond in the supermarket when the teenage checkout person asks ‘What’s on for the rest of the day?’ because someone in HR has decided that it’s a friendly and engaging question? ‘Oh, I don’t know, I was thinking about robbing the Tattersalls and going on a drug and alcohol induced frenzy resulting in a police chase along the freeway’. ‘That sounds good, have a nice day, next in line please’.

This kind of smiley ‘have-a-nice-day’ happiness is so ingrained in society that we do and say ‘happy’ things without thinking. We operate on autopilot.

Stimulus – response? Are we, as a society, a modern, happiness centric version of Pavlov’s dog? Are we so vociferously inwardly focused that rote happiness is all we’re capable of?

When I talk about positive energy, ki or chi as I discussed in my last post, I don’t mean this rote kind of ‘happy’. I don’t mean reacting to life’s events with feigned happiness but, rather, trying to increase my potential for happiness and positive experience by increasing my chi, my life force and vitality.

And the more genuine positive energy you give out, the more genuine vitality you will get back.

Now that makes sense; have a happy day!


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One Response to “Happy days … always”

  1. paulhassing Says:

    I have an excellent getaway van. Though it tends to roll when cornering …

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