A force for good

Finding your ki

Finding your ki

You may have heard the term ki. It’s a Japanese word for ‘energy’ or ‘life force’; it’s the natural energy in the Universe that makes up everything. Think about it as positive energy that we can tap into and use in our lives.

You’re already doing it, so it’s nothing too mystical, but actively applying it to your life can create fantastic results. For example, it’s amazing the energy boost you can get from associating with excited and motivated people, being excited by the possibilities of a new project or challenge achieving a major goal.

In Chinese the term is chi and they have a saying that ‘chi follows yi’ where yi is the mind or intention. So logically when you associate with positive people and ‘charge’ your energy you can focus it in the areas that make you feel unstoppable.

If we think of ki or chi energy as a kind of life force then it makes sense that it gives us a feeling of vitality, of wanting to get the most out of life. When we allow this positive energy to combine with the power of the mind, specifically focusing on the good and a positive mindset, then the result is not just a vague happy feeling but directed positivity.

If our thoughts create our reality, or at the very least our perception of that reality, then doesn’t it makes sense that we’re better off when the majority of our thoughts are positive?

Buddha said ‘All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think is what we become’.

Our past doesn’t define our future so we can start with a clean slate. Learn from the past but don’t let it define you. If you’ve made mistakes, failed, given up early, not chased your goals or procrastinated, that doesn’t define who you are now. Likewise past successes don’t guarantee future ones either.

Approach the day with a clear mind, a positive outlook and a sense of wonder that means anything is possible. Find your ki and harness its power for success.


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