Listening to intuition

Why this picture? Just felt right!

Why this picture? Just felt right!

What’s happened to intuition?

I trust the value of ‘gut instinct’ and when I go against my intuition I often regret it. For me it’s a combination of a connection to the flow of life and a moral, social and psychological awareness built on life experience.

When my kids ask ‘How do you know that dad?’ my answer is either ‘I don’t know, just do’ or ‘I’ve been around a while’. Both acknowledge intuition. But if intuition it so natural, why do we need to worry about it?

My belief is that we have lost our ability to connect because we’ve developed a bias towards rationality; if we can’t explain or prove an event or experience we dismiss it. Many children are very intuitive; they’re open to everything and are unaware of where they end and the rest of the world begins. They don’t question, they just accept.

As they get older and move into school they see the value that society places on the rational, proven and tangible and learn to dismiss intuition as just a coincidence.

We can learn a lot from the natural cues we receive. Weigh up the rational, consider the facts, learn from your experience but also listen to how you feel.

Does it feel right to you?


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2 Responses to “Listening to intuition”

  1. adamnrave Says:

    A nice concise article, WLBB. I do listen to my intuition. Although, my intuition listens to Metradoz the Great from the Planet Zarg, sent to usher in the Fourth Age. (Not the next Age, but the one after that.) So we get a little sidetracked. Keep these coming though.

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