The intention convention

Best of intentions

Best of intentions

You may have heard that your past doesn’t define your future? That’s certainly true, but only when you’re prepared to make a conscious change.

Why conscious change?

People talk about change all the time; a plan to change, the need to change, setting goals for change and dreaming of change. Just about anything other than getting on and making change.

Dreams, plans and good intentions are fun but of little value in helping us to reach our goals. Sometimes we just have to make a start, even when all of the conditions aren’t right.

We aren’t what we say but what we do.

We ignore the fact, whether we like it or not, that our past behaviour is the most reliable predictor of future behaviour. We have programming created and reinforced over decades and not a reboot switch in sight.

Our past may define our future unconsciously. Or comfortably. It’s easy to stay right where we are. It’s safe. Unless we do something to break the pattern. And even if we do, for a time, it’s easy to slide back into our old ways.

We must really, really want to change. Most don’t. Many won’t ever try. If we don’t try, we can’t fail and our dreams remain intact. Is it enough? For some, yes. The dream feels good. It gives us hope.

Is to try and fail better than to have never tried at all? Perhaps that only works for love.

Good intentions are good.

Good actions are better. Do you pay more attention to what others promise or what they do? Are you surprised by the void between words and actions?

Are they liars, or did they mean it when they said it? Liar, that’s a harsh word. Did they mean that they would like to be able to do it, or perhaps that they would try?

Did they? Do we? How do we filter promise from propaganda?

So here we are again, back at good intentions. What happens now?


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