No turning back

No turning back from here ...

No turning back from here …

We’ve talked before about the power of focus and cultivating the ability to remain true to ourselves, our goals and our progress in life despite other’s attempts to discourage or hold us back. This can be conveniently masked by other people’s assertions that they’re helping us, even when it’s for their own selfish reasons.

However, we don’t operate independently in the world and must, in most cases, interact and rely on others to assist us on our journey. In one way or another we’re all being tested every day of our lives. How we handle it impacts the results we achieve.

Sometimes the test is simple and non-threatening; a traffic jam on the way to an important meeting, someone being rude to us in a store. How do we handle that moment? Do we become angry and impatient? That is the test.

How we handle small problems can determine our reaction to and the outcomes of more serious ones. Learning to cope with small things can preserve our well-being and contribute to our perseverance with goals.

Life’s a risk. So is operating outside of the box, where danger abounds. It takes courage to pursue our goals and to expect and accept that we will be tested.

Which brings us back to process and progress. We’re told to enjoy the journey; to live in the moment and not to defer happiness until we achieve success. Success is in the now. But the now is part of the journey, not an excuse to idle at the starting line. You can live in the moment with a plan for the future, as always it’s a game of balance.

We worship the outcome of things and, by doing so, miss the virtue of the process itself. There’s no guarantee that the future will arrive so all we have is what we’re doing right now. So we need to do it well.

There is nothing to turn back to. Make the most of today.


3 Responses to “No turning back”

  1. paulhassing Says:

    Nice one, Bright Eyes! 😉

  2. adamnrave Says:

    Indeed, nicely said as always, WLBB! I would love to operate more outside the box, but my current profession as a magician’s assistant prevents it. I hardly need to add that every now and then I fall apart.

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