Work is important

Give your best

Give your best

It’s my belief that humans are hard wired for achievement. Of course life is more than a title on a business card, but your career can be an important part of a happy, balanced and successful life.

Work provides money to live and shapes many important life decisions: where we live, how we live, our interests, opportunities, and the time we spend with our family.

Some work long and hard for money and progression. Others work enough to pay the bills, preferring to spend as much time as possible with their family and personal pursuits.

Some work for the sense of accomplishment, others for the opportunity to contribute or give back. Some chase the big salary; others volunteer their time and talents.

There is no right answer.

Work can be a great source of satisfaction and achievement. Some people are energised and excited about the challenge, others just marking time to get through the day. No matter what your outlook, work consumes enormous amounts of time, energy and focus.

It’s easy to leave home early and stay back late. Sometimes it’s inspiring when you’re working on a breakthrough project, sometimes you just resent it. Often it’s necessary when you’re building a career; when you want to shine.

Being your best at work isn’t something you just do for the organisation, it’s something you do for yourself. Work can be entertaining, rewarding and fun. It can provide opportunities and a wonderful lifestyle. Being great at work can provide a tremendous feeling of achievement.

Work to live or live to work; success and happiness lie between the extremes.

When you’re happy and inspired at work the positivity carries over to all areas of your life. You go home happier, with more energy and in a mind set of making things happen.
That’s key to achieving balance; to show up fully for all areas of your life.

No matter what your job, you can strive to be the best at it. Be positive in a negative world. Try hard. Be part of the solution. Make an impact and set yourself up for a happier and more fulfilling life.


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One Response to “Work is important”

  1. adamnrave Says:

    Great post, WLBB. I like the idea that loving your work leads to great work. Thanks for the insight.

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