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Someday I’ll have money …

November 26, 2013
 live the dream!

live the dream!

Someday I’ll have money
Money isn’t easy to come by
By the time it’s come by I’ll be gone …

Someday I’ll have money, success, happiness or many other options for a prosperous life – and, as the song says, they aren’t easy to come by.

Finding success and happiness is not always the easiest path to follow. People start off with lots of dreams, then make lots of compromises, get distracted, find themselves in situations they didn’t intend, and then just go along with what’s happening at the time.

Perhaps it’s not giving up, but rather getting lost in the day-to-day busyness of meeting our immediate obligations.

There can be many hurdles, and overcoming disappointment and setbacks can be difficult. If you’re clear on your goal and have an action plan, then sometimes the best advice is to just keep going. You can’t know the implications of what you’re doing now until later anyway. Accept the uncertainly and give it your best.

Sometimes it won’t work but many times it does. There are so many examples of people achieving their dreams that you can be confident that it’s possible. For you, as much has them.

You may end up somewhere other than you initially planned; making mid-course corrections is smart, and the experience may take you somewhere better. Whatever decisions you make, make them at one hundred percent, and don’t live life in half measures.

Success and happiness come together in balance. Get serious but be considerate, pursue your goals but help others, achieve success but have people to share it with. Then you’ll enjoy being who you are while doing what you’re doing, and ‘someday’ will be today.


The solace of certainty

November 11, 2013
Certainty brings confidence

Certainty brings confidence

To live a successful life, challenge yourself and reach out to try new things. Yes, that means change. And setting goals and having the courage to go after them.

Many people aren’t prepared to do that.

They prefer the comfortable, the predictable and the repetitive. This explains the overwhelming sense of despair that defines many people’s lives. They seek fulfilment through escapism – television, gaming, gambling, alcohol, drugs and self-help seminars.

This is mindless stimulation devoid of meaning, offering a respite from reality, a momentary high, an excuse to ignore the question, ‘Why?’

Achieving, and winning, means doing more than others are prepared to do. The question is, ‘How bad do you want it?’ Beginning is always difficult. It requires action, then momentum.

While most people float along allowing life to happen to them, swim against the current, take control and make life serve you.

Success and happiness are not distant goals to capture and hold; they’re the cumulative result of everything you do. Are you prepared to have a go?

Capitalism for the people

November 6, 2013
Is greed good?

Is greed good?

‘Western’ style capitalism has been criticised for its lack of soul. Critics have pointed to the excessive focus on greed, with little regard for the well-being of employees, customers or the environment.

It’s true that capitalism creates a dichotomy.

On one side there’s people first, a higher purpose, care for the customer. On the other it’s profit and the rigid adherence to the ‘bottom line’ and whatever it takes to get there.

Yet some companies have shown that doing the first can lead to the second; particularly in a world of savvy consumers with choice and a voice.

The late Steve Jobs used to tell his people that by showing up at their best they’d have the opportunity to ‘make a dent in the universe’. What a great idea. To stand for something bigger than ourselves.

It’s important to make a profit in business. It’s important to make the business excellent, provide high quality products and services, to be innovative and grow.

It’s important to provide people with the opportunity to be their best, to be inspired, engaged, rewarded and motivated. And thus will they create a future for themselves, support their families and, ideally, have some fun along the way.

When we give more than we take, create positive value and provide opportunities for a better life, customers notice that and our business is successful. That’s profit with purpose.