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Merry Christmas

December 23, 2013
Enjoy the beauty in the world

Enjoy the beauty in the world

This is a piece I wrote several years ago to explain my philosophy in life. I work hard to achieve it. It doesn’t always happen, sometimes I miss the mark. That’s a legacy of being human.

I don’t give up. Life would be boring without the odd challenge along the way! I live my best life and I’m grateful.

Enjoy the Christmas season and may 2014 be your most successful yet!


Find peace, contentment and fulfillment. Enjoy health and happiness.

Be connected to family and friends. Find love. Seek self-acceptance, wellness and gratitude.

Leave others better than you find them. Live your greatest life.

Discover your authentic self and be true to that which you value most. Seek growth.

Make a contribution and leave a legacy. No regrets.

And most importantly have fun and enjoy the journey.


The paradox of life

December 9, 2013
What's coming over your horizon?

What’s coming over your horizon?

We’ve created a society that offers so much comfort and security. And an endless variety of things to make us feel good, look good and save time. We should be happy.

But we’re not. Working hours and depression rates are increasing.

As we strive to know more, have more and do more, we become less. In defining our worth through possessions and achievements we neglect to consider who we really are.

Our mind space for soul searching is limited. We fill every moment with stimulus so we can’t hear what’s inside. We keep our minds busy flitting from one task to another, 24/7 electronic access, no down time, no time to think, stand still or take a breath.

There’s always the next thing to strive for.

Few people see the big picture; most only see the next week. The grand plan keeps us busy, heads down; we’re shaped by what’s around us and not by possibility. Fear makes us play safe and stick to the rules of the game; forget your dreams, settle for safety and security.

We’re told to live large, live our best life. To change, to get better, to find out who we really are. Yes, but how? What’s the currency of conversion? Is belief enough?

What are you after? Do you believe life has a greater purpose? What’s your purpose?

And do you want to change?