The paradox of life

What's coming over your horizon?

What’s coming over your horizon?

We’ve created a society that offers so much comfort and security. And an endless variety of things to make us feel good, look good and save time. We should be happy.

But we’re not. Working hours and depression rates are increasing.

As we strive to know more, have more and do more, we become less. In defining our worth through possessions and achievements we neglect to consider who we really are.

Our mind space for soul searching is limited. We fill every moment with stimulus so we can’t hear what’s inside. We keep our minds busy flitting from one task to another, 24/7 electronic access, no down time, no time to think, stand still or take a breath.

There’s always the next thing to strive for.

Few people see the big picture; most only see the next week. The grand plan keeps us busy, heads down; we’re shaped by what’s around us and not by possibility. Fear makes us play safe and stick to the rules of the game; forget your dreams, settle for safety and security.

We’re told to live large, live our best life. To change, to get better, to find out who we really are. Yes, but how? What’s the currency of conversion? Is belief enough?

What are you after? Do you believe life has a greater purpose? What’s your purpose?

And do you want to change?


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4 Responses to “The paradox of life”

  1. adamnrave Says:

    Nicely said, as always, WLBB. Belief is no good without action, it seems.

  2. malcolm Says:

    Thanks Adam, you are spot on. Belief is very important but only the starting point, action makes intention reality. We cant manifest our destiny by merley wishing it so.

  3. Kindred Spirit Says:

    “The paradox of life” – perfect timing for my soul because I have overloaded my mind with these very questions:
    -What am I after? I really do not know. I have wants, needs, desires, and many dreams, but I feel like the dots are not connecting and I can not figure out why.
    -Do I believe life has a greater purpose? YES!
    -What is my purpose? I do not have a clue.
    -Do I want to change? Yes, in many ways, in healthy ways for my mind, body, and soul.
    I read this quote last night in a book I am reading that said it all for me: “You know there has to be more; you are just not sure how to get there. One thing is certain; you just do not want to stay where you are at”. I thought yeah, how do I solve this mystery? Then to read your blog today it is like a confirmation that my mind and thoughts are legit and just maybe I am getting closer to the answers I have been seeking for such a long time. I must continue to quite my mind so I can hear what I believe God is trying to tell me through my soul. Like you said; “mind space for soul searching”.

    Great blog….please keep them coming…..have a wonderful hoilday season and a very joyful new year.

    • WorkLifeBankBalance Says:

      Thank you Kindred Spirit for your inspiring and kind words. Finding our purpose isn’t easy and I suspect it isnt meant to be. It is something that we must work to find but I believe much of the benefit is inthe journey itself. So many go through life without a second thought as to why they are here or what it all means. That’s a shame as this question when asked of ourselves opens the door to a wonderful life of self discovery. So allow that to develop and enjoy the process, you will know when it’s right because it will feel right. Have a great Christmas!

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