Happiness – nature or nurture?

It's all a journey

Where does happiness come from?

Some people naturally have a brighter outlook than others; they see the positive side in life’s opportunities. Others prefer to focus on life’s problems, seeing the negative possibilities first, even when they’re unlikely to occur.

Those with a negative orientation can alter their outlook by being aware of their internal dialogue, and questioning their immediate negative response. Some may say ‘assume the worst and you won’t be disappointed’ but we know that our thoughts direct our actions, so a negative mindset will not get the results we want.

A negative outlook may offer some protection against disappointment, but sometimes we just have to believe in ourselves. We may open ourselves to the possibility of some emotional pain but the upside is far better – being healthier, happier and having more ‘good luck’ come our way.

I believe it’s better to have a positive outlook and occasionally be disappointed than go through life under a dark cloud. If a negative outlook has become a habit then learn to internally challenge your fearful thoughts and negative assumptions.

We create our own world through our attitudes, perceptions and reactions. We do have the ability to choose. A positive outlook in life creates a sense of wellbeing and happiness.


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