Does desire drive happiness?

What is our driver of happiness?

What is our driver of happiness?

Desire is the crucible that forges character because it creates conflict and overcoming that conflict leads to fulfilment and happiness.

If we want nothing, then nothing stands in our way. Desire puts our lives in motion. There may be no more important questions to ask of ourselves than what do we want from life? And have we achieved it? If not, why not? If so, what’s next?

It’s normal for us to desire what we don’t have. But desires need to be focused. If we have too many desires it’s difficult to pursue any one of them with conviction or dedication.

We need to learn to disregard the desire for unnecessary possessions or distracting experiences. This is not always easy. When we focus on only a few desires and work towards them, desires that are worthy of serious commitment, we’ll be happier and feel a sense of achievement.

The process of understanding what really matters will make us more committed and persistent. When confronted with new and overwhelming obstacles, in pursuit of something we can’t live without, we’re forced to change, adapt and look deeper into ourselves for some insight, passion or strength that will give us the resolve to keep going.

The inevitable consequence of this journey is conflict, both internal and external. No matter what change you want to make in your life there will be easier, more comfortable options that offer faster ‘results’. And no matter which direction you’re headed, someone won’t want you going there.

Focus your desires on what matters most, then put yourself in motion. Yes, there will be conflict. But there will be steady progress and enduring satisfaction as well.


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