If we are to understand the meaning of life, who will show us the way?

The Zen of doing what you want ...

I will show you the way …

Is life’s meaning a reflection of the fundamental nature of human existence? If not, then why are we here?

Again, more questions than answers.

Fundamentally, the answer of the meaning of life must be found within each of us. Perhaps it’s different for everyone, despite our cries for the ‘cereal box’ version that nicely packages life and its meaning so we can tick it off our bucket list and move on.

Why is looking inwards so difficult? Why do we need tele-evangelists or visionaries to provide the answers?

Perhaps I can set myself up as a self-styled Guru to show you the way to enlightenment, meaning and prosperity. I can also throw in, for this month only, contentment and freedom, all for the one low, low price of$79.95, sign up now.

Or, I could show you how to reject your materialist desires for just $99.95 a month. And there’s the CD set, workbook, guided meditation program, interactive web page and study plan to show you how to find simplicity, this week only, act now …

To be a Guru I will require a robe. What colour would you suggest? I like purple but that’s too Harry Potter, and the Dalai Lama ‘owns’ red. What’s the colour of sincerity? Perhaps green. Orange certainly won’t do, and white is too difficult to keep clean. Chartreuse is nice but clashes with my aura, so perhaps mint. Perhaps it’s all just a pigment of my imagination. What about hair? Long and grey is too Charles Manson. Bald is good; that’s campaignable.

Sounds silly, right? Of course, but so many of us are desperate to find someone to show us the way and provide external validation for a journey of discovery that must, by its very nature, be highly personal. Consider this the next time someone offers you peace and fulfilment for less than the cost of a good lunch.


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2 Responses to “If we are to understand the meaning of life, who will show us the way?”

  1. Sir Paul Hassing DFC (@PaulHassing) Says:

    ‘ … pigment of my imagination.’ Very clever, WLB2! 🙂

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