Where does God sit on the question of life’s meaning?

Life's meaning

The question ‘What is the meaning of life?’ may have seemed as strange to generations past as the question ‘Do you believe in God?’, because it was considered the same question.

Somewhere along the line, we began to question God and separate the concepts of religious and spiritual belief, which, perhaps, makes the question of the meaning of life a more modern one. This isn’t to say that people didn’t ask themselves why they were here; rather, it seems for the most part that they had a readymade answer in religion.

If we are created in God’s image, then the blind following of doctrines may not express our individuality or allow for spiritual growth. Does that mean that God wants us to question the meaning of life? Either way, I believe we are free to question all we want.

Previous generations may have been less plagued by the meaning-of-life question, not because their religious beliefs were any less up for question, but because their social practices offered less scope for contemplation. The meaning of life in such times consisted of doing more or less what your ancestors did, as well as the age-old conventions society expected of you. Religion and precedent were there to instruct on such matters.

The idea that there could be a meaning to life that was unique to the individual is unlikely to have gained much support, when the meaning of life consisted of its function within the community as a whole.

In these times outliers were not consider helpful at all. I was reminded recently that the word ‘individual’ originally meant ‘indivisible’ or ‘inseparable from’ and even today being part of the community or a ‘team player’ is considered a positive attribute. Together we can achieve anything; anything, so it may seem, other than a robust sense of self.

So where does God sit on the question of life’s meaning?

If we are to move past allegory we must accept that meaning is no longer exclusively a spiritual essence buried beneath the surface. In my opinion, we’re free to question life’s meaning while remaining faithful to our beliefs.


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  1. adamnrave Says:

    Boy, and I stumbled across WLBB while looking for a beer served by a cute waitress. Or maybe it was a boar carved by a mute waitress? I forget, but your blog makes things clearer for me. Seriously, I always enjoy the read. Thanks!

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